Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grad Gift Help

Now that my son Josh has graduated from high school, its time to party! So in preparation for his graduation/birthday/going away party I asked the ladies Lia and Erin over at YAY! DIY to help me out. Josh not only just graduated but he is turning 18 and going to bootcamp in 1 month! Whew! I really want to give him something special and I've asked the guest to come prepared with a written note to give to him. A congrats, words of wisdom or a memory that they'd like to share. Now what I'm going to do with those notes, I'm not sure yet.

The ladies at YAY! DIY came up with a few suggestions and also posed the question to their readers as well. I'm so excited and grateful for their help. Go check out their post and their blog! And soon I'll let you guys know what I came up with as a gift for Josh.

And just so this post doesn't go pictureless:

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