Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a Graduation, Birthday and Going Away Party All Rolled Into One!

Yes it's taken me almost two weeks to post about this party. I've been sick! I think everyone but my dad and my boyfriend got this terrible cough/cold/feverish thing. And I'm still not over it. Nice way to start the summer huh?

Anywho, I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would like but here's the low down in images..

First time ever making and decorating this type of cookie. I really enjoyed the process and learned a lot. Next time I'll know what to do to make the designs come out even better. All the tips I did learn were from Bake at 350 . And everyone seemed to love them, they were nearly all gone by the end of the party.
The Cake. Another thing I wish I had taken more pictures of. If I had, there would be a whole post on how to make a cake like this. The top layer "18" of course is his age in less than a month. But he'll be in bootcamp then, sob. It was three layers of cake the top and bottom were chocolate and the middle was a yellow cake. In between each layer was strawberry frosting. The middle cake stood for his graduation. Honestly I don't even remember what the cake layers were! But the filling was real strawberries. And the bottom cake was to celebrate his upcoming entry into the Marine Corps. Again three layers of cake made to look like camouflage. Darn I didn't get a picture of it! But trust me, it was awesome. The filling was chocolate. Oh and the lettering and numbers are marshmallow fondant.

The kids having fun playing Wii

After much thought and searching and even asking for help from YAY DIY! for a keepsake I decided to have everyone write a little note to Josh on posterboard then I took a picture of them with their sign. I'll get them printed up and arrange them in a photo album. I got the idea from a website called Chookooloonks .
As you may notice there are a few references to having the car windows rolled up and the heat on. Well yes there may have been an unfortunate incident but he walked away OK. And that's all I have to say about that! *eh-hem*

Josh with his Auntie and Uncle

There was lots of food. In the kitchen along the island I set up a nacho bar. To keep the cheese warm I kept it in a crockpot and then lined up taco seasoned hamburger, refried beans, chips, olives, onions, sour cream and sliced jalapenos. Then in the dining room we had fixings for sandwiches, spinach dip, punch, fruit and pepper garlic chicken wings. Even a potato salad we forgot to put out!

A big thanks to everyone who came and an even bigger thanks to my parents for hosting(and funding) our little shindig!

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